Laundry Equipment For Campgrounds

Sanitary Laundry wants to help campgrounds provide reliable and convenient laundry equipment to all of their visitors so they can get back to enjoying the great outdoors! We provide commercial laundry equipment and flexible laundry equipment leasing for campgrounds and RV parks in the New England area! Elevate your guests’ camping experience with access to professional-grade washers and dryers at their campsites, so that they can pack light and keep their belongings clean for the duration of their stays! Sanitary Laundry offers a variety of top-of-the-line washers and dryers with options for laundry payment by coin, card, or app purchases. As commercial laundry equipment professionals, we understand that laundry machines on your campsite must be durable and energy-efficient so your campers can access a high-quality wash and dry for every single load. Contact us for equipment sales and leasing options.

Our No-Cost Benefits Include:

  • Delivery and installation of laundry machines at no cost to you
  • A generous share of the income generated by each machine (coin, card, or app purchases)
  • Maintenance and repair of laundry machines at no additional cost
  • Campground visitors can call us directly to report problems, saving you time and money
  • Monthly machine inspections and maintenance
  • Twice a year dryer vent cleanings to improve each dryer’s operation and efficiency
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Generate Revenue with Laundry Machines in MA, RI, CT, NH & NY

Generate extra revenue on your campground or RV park with a professionally installed laundry facility that we’ll manage. Select from coin-, card-, and app-based payment systems for your property’s laundry needs and generate additional revenue with every load.